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The Crew

Jason lived on his bikes. As kids he and his brother Kevin would spend every waking moment in the summer riding around Vernon and Franklin on their BMX bikes. His first road bike was an 8th-grade graduation gift in 1987. It was nothing but passion for biking from there. In 1991 he joined the previous owners of the Sussex Bike & Sport Shop, Bernie & Arlea Gallagher. After a hiatus from the bike shop Jason went to school for neuromuscular massage therapy and worked with patients with lymphedema. It was while in the pre-med program at FDU (dean's list) in 1998 that Jason decided that he would become the owner of the Sussex Bike & Sport Shop.

"The bike shop is where I belong. I love what I do. Using both my bicycle knowledge and my knowledge of the human form makes our shop more than just a place to purchase things. We educate you so you can truly enjoy cycling."

When we run out of parts and pieces made in our industry to solve a problem what do we do???? Call in Bruce. A welder and fabricator for 30 years. Bruce can do it all. Oh and I forgot mention remember the Thruster and Hutch BMX Bikes from the 1980's... he welded them. Bruce knows how to think outside the box and make it happen. Frame repair, custon rack work, and custom bicycle work for medical based situations